Monday, July 30, 2007

wow, it's been awhile

so sorry for the lack of posts. my outfits have been pretty sucky lately. i got back from tahoe on friday where all i wore was jean shorts, thrift store little kids tees and my bathing suit. i did find a $5 star wars shirt which kicks ass and a neon windbreaker and some cheezy sunglasses from a car rental place, all from thrift stores. i rock, basically! anyway i don't have a lot to say...but here's me lately, decked out my star wars shirt:

it has obi wan kenobi and anakin during their "epic battle". my cousin is jealous of it cause she thinks hayden christensen is the hottest thing since sliced bread. ahahaha, so glad i found that shit!

byyyyyeee! luuurrve t-$!
(i am known as t-$ cause my middle name's taylor and i rap)

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