Monday, July 30, 2007

my american apparel wishlist

$20 - i like this shirt cause it seems really comfortable but if i didn't get it, then it wouldn't be the end of the world.

$15 - again, not something i have to have but it's a wish list right? this seems super soft and just good for something to throw on.

$6.50 - this is kind of a lot just for a headband but it's lamé! i could find some fabric and make a bunch of these for about the same price so i'll probably do that but seriously...i heart metallic.

$38 - i really love and want this bag! i could use it for school or for my laptop or just going out. i love big totes since i carry practically my room when i go out and this seems huge!

$38 - i have no money and i don't honestly see my mom buying this for me, but i want it so desperately bad. i've wanted it for awhile cause i could think of many-a things to wear it to but no one else i know feels the same way haha.

$36 - i am probably going to end up buying most of my plain tees at Target a la the brand Hanes cause i'm cheap, but i love these colors so much i want this set. i don't think Target makes these so i'd consider buying a bit overpriced tees just for the brights!

$44 - i don't see my mom buying these either, only cause i just bought 2 pairs of shorts from the thrift store, but i just love the fact that these are corduroy!

$18 - i used to have an impressive collection of bike shorts back in 3rd grade in the 90s and now that i seem to be getting more and more oversized tees, it only seems natural to bring back the trend of elementary school.

$45 - i really need a new hoodie and when i saw this one, i was like "omg! yellow!" i love patterns, especially stripes, and the blue will match my new blue tee as mentioned above. :)

$39 - i really like that this is mini-dress length, since i can wear it with leggings, tights, my new bike shorts (ahaha) or just by itself if i'm feeling a bit ris-kay, and when i saw the "electric" (my description of the color) purple, i was in love. plus, i can just throw on a tank, some skinny jeans and the hoodie if i'm feeling lazy...

in reality, it'd be awesome if i could have everything from american apparel but these are my faves. i really hope i can convince my mom to get them for back to school. unfortunately, i haven't even dove into the depths of urban outfitters yet, and i'm already racking up a pricey BTS budget...luckily, i am partial to basics and that's exactly what AA was made for. (no, not alcoholics anonymous ahahahaa)

luuurrve, t-$ !!!

wow, it's been awhile

so sorry for the lack of posts. my outfits have been pretty sucky lately. i got back from tahoe on friday where all i wore was jean shorts, thrift store little kids tees and my bathing suit. i did find a $5 star wars shirt which kicks ass and a neon windbreaker and some cheezy sunglasses from a car rental place, all from thrift stores. i rock, basically! anyway i don't have a lot to say...but here's me lately, decked out my star wars shirt:

it has obi wan kenobi and anakin during their "epic battle". my cousin is jealous of it cause she thinks hayden christensen is the hottest thing since sliced bread. ahahaha, so glad i found that shit!

byyyyyeee! luuurrve t-$!
(i am known as t-$ cause my middle name's taylor and i rap)

Monday, July 16, 2007

lazy days watching the food network

today we got our carpets cleaned so my mom couldn't leave the house for a bit so i had no ride and i've done absolutely nothing today. well, except for watch a marathon of "the next food network star" with my mom. wow, i've come to realize how much i suck. haha :) well, no cool outfit today; just an oversized white tee and straight jeans. i need to go shopping. i might go to san francisco next tuesday and i'm already excited. i love san fran, shopping extraordinaire! i also really want this yellow sundress from nordstrom. plus my back to school wishlist a couple posts back. i'm hanging out with my best friend that lives in arizona on excuse to dress up cause we'll probably go out to lunch or something. maybe i'll go digging through some old clothes and find a fun skirt cause i really need one. also, can someone tell me where i can get fire engine red lipstick? i used to have to wear it for dance shows when i was 5 and i hated it, but now i couldn't want it more.

my staple outfit; what i wear when i feel like i have nothing to wear: white tee, denim something, flats, semi-waist cinched belt, random necklaces, neck scarf and one of my two quilted bags.
what do you think? if you have stylemob, i'm hippiejunk and this outfit is up. go vote!

luuuurrrvve, kate :)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

outfit, life update, etc.

shirt: white wifebeater, old navy
shorts: high waisted navy, thrift store
belt: brown w. flower pattern, thrift store
shoes: leopard flats, thrift store
purse: quilted red w. gold chain, thrift store
necklace: gold medallion, mom

so i put together a smashing outfit (or at least i think so) out of yesterday's thrift store buys. i was going to carry my mom's vintage dooney and burke purse that's white and brown but i really liked the pop of red. plus, i was only going to lunch with a couple of friends so i figured i just needed a small bag. hm, what else? well, i went to lunch at la bou today. i got a veggie sandwich and tomato bisque...yum! :) i found out this morning i lost weight which is always nice. but i didn't exercise yesterday and i'm supposed to go running today but it is so hot! :/ so i think i'm going to do some cardio right now and run later in the evening when it cools down. i can't slack off on my summer running plan! haha, i'm really lame.

i put together another outfit with my buys :D i'm wearing this off white babydoll dress from oldnavy and i put my red belt up where the "flowing" starts on the dress. and for shoes, i was wearing my flat red slouchy boots. i won't post pictures cause 1. i didn't take any and 2. i might wear it tomorrow!

alrighttttt you all have much better fashion sites than myself, but i try.

luuuurrrvve, kate :)

Friday, July 13, 2007

thrifting adventure with my mum

so today i went to the at&t store to get my phone fixed and my mom's like, "let's go to the discovery shop after!" and that turned into us also going to the goodwill and spending over 50 bucks on stuff. mind you, she paid for everything of mine (cause i'm broke) and i am eternally greatful cause i love what i anyone?

red belt with gold buckle: $2.25
brown belt with flower pattern: also $2.25
leopard print flats: $15, bit much for a thrift store but i've been looking for some forever so i was so happy when my mom said she'd buy them

(me modeling my stuff)
navy high waisted shorts: from a boys' uniform co. "dennis", $3.25
off white belt: has a ridiculous gaudy gold buckle, $4 and my mom called it "hideous"
red quilted purse: small (definitely not for everyday use), i love the gold chain and tassel, $8

so what do y'all think? most of them go together, ironically but yeah.

my outfit for thrifting? some of it actually came from a thrift store, haha
-denim cut-off bermundas
-plain black tee from express
-black flats
-my marc jacobs $12 black canvas tote
-necklace and neck scarf

elephant necklace: my best pal's, from goodwill i'm pretty sure (definitely from some thrift store)

my mom's scarf from the 80s/90s: she said it was from a thrift store, i love all the bright colors, i wore it around my neck bandanna-style, it kinda reminds me of pucci (since i can't actually afford one of those)

another long photo post, but what do you think of everything? i really need to start posting about real fashion not just me.

luuuurrrvve, kate :)

my back to school wishlist

i really have nothing else to write about right now, because it's 1:15 in the morning and i just happen to be up, so here's what i hope/am planning to buy for fall. or at least as of right now.

i realize i will probably be shot via comments because i posted these jeans, but honestly i really want them. i went to the mall and tried on a pair of abercrombie and fitch straight leg jeans and honestly, they were the most comfortable pair i've had on in forever. and for me, if jeans aren't comfortable they aren't worth it. so yeah, at 80 bucks they'll definitely be the pair i'll be picking up, in a dark wash obviously.

i love american apparel. lemme just get that out there. i pretty much plan on buying their short sleeve t's in every goddamn color for fall, spring, summer and winter. they go with everything, they're easy to just throw on and they look pretty freaking comfortable. if i can't spring for every color at this price, i'll just run down to the nearest target and pick up some hanes. pretty much as long as they're comfy and i have one for every pair of neon bottoms i will buy as well, i'm set.

might be getting some of these in more than one color as well, but at least in black and red. i have been bragging to everyone i know that when we all come back to school, they'll be seeing me in bike shorts. i just have to start admitting it, i have a small addiction to spandex. and i also have a growing collection of oversized t-shirts. together, they make an outfit. go figure!

i've seen a lot of people wearing these lately, but i've wanted them for awhile actually. it all started when i actually discovered deep down in me i did have some sense of style and ditched the logo t's, i also came across my parents' black ray bans with electric blue on the sides. they are still my favorite glasses. i actually don't know which parent originally owned them, but they're mine now. and now, i'm in the market for a white pair. these are actually from fred flare, because i can't afford a pair of ray bans, and my parents' old pair was maybe 7 dollars back in the day, and this pair happens to cost 9 so basically they are bomb in my book. but i won't totally ditch my originals for these, cause every once in a while i'll need to shock a crowd with the electric blue.

it took me forever to find these, which surprised me since it's such a simple flat. and this isn't exactly what i want. flat with bow? check. patent leather? check. right color red? meh. i really want a more vivid, fun red not so dull. but you get the idea, right? right?

other tidbits-
new school bag, haven't decided what kind yet
moccasins, pretty much the ultimate in winter warmth footwear (keep in mind that i live in california, winter doesn't mean that much)
rain boots, preferably these real cute ones i saw on the marc jacobs website but you know whatever does the job
anything else that tickles my fancy at american apparel

in other news:
i saw harry potter and the order of the phoenix tonight. it was very, very, very, as many times as i can say very without sounding like a broken record, good. it was much better than the other movies, maybe it's the new director? (those seem to come and go as quickly as the teachers of defense against the dark arts!), but i really liked how much depth there was and how hp and co. are definitely maturing as they move up rank at hogwarts. plus, the new characters' parts were definitely properly filled by the right actors/actresses. bellatrix lestrange? helena bonham carter was an amazing choice. not how i pictured her, but better even though she was a creep out. (my cousin and i kept joking around, saying she was on LSD.) luna lovegood? she was gorgeous, her voice was kinda weird, but i guess if you've read the books, you could have seen that coming. umbridge? oh my god, this was where the perfectness ended. she played the character well, too bad she didn't look a thing like mary grandpre's drawings. i was a tad bit disappointed. but lack of looks was forgiven when i saw this one boy in the DA who they never actually said his name, but he had amazing brown hair. who was that boy? he should have his own TV show!

alright well, outfit wise i went casual. here's some pics from the evening. wow, i'm overloading this post with photos.

plain white t, straight jeans, blue/red neckscarf, gold chains (medallion! added later), off white quilted purse, sweet fucking ass ray bans (explained earlier)

my awesome cousin and i before the movie. we pretty much rock.

me doing a "creepwalk" in line outside to pass the time away before we got to go in. i realize i look like i'm a mental nutcase in this picture, but you know, i might be.

okaaaay that concludes my really long, nothing about high fashion or celebrities, 2 in the morning post. i guess it's cool if you don't leave comments. but it'd be nice if you did.

luuuurrrvve, kate (:

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

hi fashion fiends

new fashion blog!
veiny feet failed miserably.

i promise i'll update this more than my last blog with runway stuff and funny celebrity etceteras. okay well, i'll start by saying i'm kate and i have a nice sense of fashion, according to myself. i'm almost 16 and live in california. my favorite models are caroline trentini and sasha pivovarova. my favorite designers are marc jacobs, chloe and as of today, house of holland because their t-shirts make me giggle and fall out of my chair. hm well, what else? i really like how the url of this blog is couturejunk. why did i name this fashion blog stone fox, purple canary? oh i don't know, i was bored and they sound cool together. but if you want to link me, you can just put it under couture junk. okay? kaaay sweet.
stone fox, purple canary