Friday, July 13, 2007

thrifting adventure with my mum

so today i went to the at&t store to get my phone fixed and my mom's like, "let's go to the discovery shop after!" and that turned into us also going to the goodwill and spending over 50 bucks on stuff. mind you, she paid for everything of mine (cause i'm broke) and i am eternally greatful cause i love what i anyone?

red belt with gold buckle: $2.25
brown belt with flower pattern: also $2.25
leopard print flats: $15, bit much for a thrift store but i've been looking for some forever so i was so happy when my mom said she'd buy them

(me modeling my stuff)
navy high waisted shorts: from a boys' uniform co. "dennis", $3.25
off white belt: has a ridiculous gaudy gold buckle, $4 and my mom called it "hideous"
red quilted purse: small (definitely not for everyday use), i love the gold chain and tassel, $8

so what do y'all think? most of them go together, ironically but yeah.

my outfit for thrifting? some of it actually came from a thrift store, haha
-denim cut-off bermundas
-plain black tee from express
-black flats
-my marc jacobs $12 black canvas tote
-necklace and neck scarf

elephant necklace: my best pal's, from goodwill i'm pretty sure (definitely from some thrift store)

my mom's scarf from the 80s/90s: she said it was from a thrift store, i love all the bright colors, i wore it around my neck bandanna-style, it kinda reminds me of pucci (since i can't actually afford one of those)

another long photo post, but what do you think of everything? i really need to start posting about real fashion not just me.

luuuurrrvve, kate :)


Ana said...

LOVE the elephant necklace and the purse is pretty cool.
i dont mind posts about you (ok that sounds creepy) because its inspiring to see other peoples outfits and pieces.

Tui said...

i adore that elephant necklace!!

stone fox, purple canary