Monday, July 30, 2007

my american apparel wishlist

$20 - i like this shirt cause it seems really comfortable but if i didn't get it, then it wouldn't be the end of the world.

$15 - again, not something i have to have but it's a wish list right? this seems super soft and just good for something to throw on.

$6.50 - this is kind of a lot just for a headband but it's lamé! i could find some fabric and make a bunch of these for about the same price so i'll probably do that but seriously...i heart metallic.

$38 - i really love and want this bag! i could use it for school or for my laptop or just going out. i love big totes since i carry practically my room when i go out and this seems huge!

$38 - i have no money and i don't honestly see my mom buying this for me, but i want it so desperately bad. i've wanted it for awhile cause i could think of many-a things to wear it to but no one else i know feels the same way haha.

$36 - i am probably going to end up buying most of my plain tees at Target a la the brand Hanes cause i'm cheap, but i love these colors so much i want this set. i don't think Target makes these so i'd consider buying a bit overpriced tees just for the brights!

$44 - i don't see my mom buying these either, only cause i just bought 2 pairs of shorts from the thrift store, but i just love the fact that these are corduroy!

$18 - i used to have an impressive collection of bike shorts back in 3rd grade in the 90s and now that i seem to be getting more and more oversized tees, it only seems natural to bring back the trend of elementary school.

$45 - i really need a new hoodie and when i saw this one, i was like "omg! yellow!" i love patterns, especially stripes, and the blue will match my new blue tee as mentioned above. :)

$39 - i really like that this is mini-dress length, since i can wear it with leggings, tights, my new bike shorts (ahaha) or just by itself if i'm feeling a bit ris-kay, and when i saw the "electric" (my description of the color) purple, i was in love. plus, i can just throw on a tank, some skinny jeans and the hoodie if i'm feeling lazy...

in reality, it'd be awesome if i could have everything from american apparel but these are my faves. i really hope i can convince my mom to get them for back to school. unfortunately, i haven't even dove into the depths of urban outfitters yet, and i'm already racking up a pricey BTS budget...luckily, i am partial to basics and that's exactly what AA was made for. (no, not alcoholics anonymous ahahahaa)

luuurrve, t-$ !!!


Ana said...

love the headband (where do you get lame fabric to make your own) and the cuordry shorts.

LML said...

im wanting biker shorts right now! and i love that headband - its delicious!

donna AND navaz said...

Ooh love the purple dress. Good choices...

Emma said...

Ah, AmApp. Can't help but be sucked in sometimes.

jackie ♥ said...

ohh love the yellow hoodie. cool blog!

alexgirl said...

how'd it go with the AA wish list?
I love some of the stuff you picked. Esp the nylon bag and the blue shorts, and the striped sweatshirt.
I walk past American Apparel every day and have to pull myself past the store without nipping in. Life is so hard.

stone fox, purple canary