Tuesday, July 10, 2007

hi fashion fiends

new fashion blog!
veiny feet failed miserably.

i promise i'll update this more than my last blog with runway stuff and funny celebrity etceteras. okay well, i'll start by saying i'm kate and i have a nice sense of fashion, according to myself. i'm almost 16 and live in california. my favorite models are caroline trentini and sasha pivovarova. my favorite designers are marc jacobs, chloe and as of today, house of holland because their t-shirts make me giggle and fall out of my chair. hm well, what else? i really like how the url of this blog is couturejunk. why did i name this fashion blog stone fox, purple canary? oh i don't know, i was bored and they sound cool together. but if you want to link me, you can just put it under couture junk. okay? kaaay sweet.

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