Monday, July 16, 2007

lazy days watching the food network

today we got our carpets cleaned so my mom couldn't leave the house for a bit so i had no ride and i've done absolutely nothing today. well, except for watch a marathon of "the next food network star" with my mom. wow, i've come to realize how much i suck. haha :) well, no cool outfit today; just an oversized white tee and straight jeans. i need to go shopping. i might go to san francisco next tuesday and i'm already excited. i love san fran, shopping extraordinaire! i also really want this yellow sundress from nordstrom. plus my back to school wishlist a couple posts back. i'm hanging out with my best friend that lives in arizona on excuse to dress up cause we'll probably go out to lunch or something. maybe i'll go digging through some old clothes and find a fun skirt cause i really need one. also, can someone tell me where i can get fire engine red lipstick? i used to have to wear it for dance shows when i was 5 and i hated it, but now i couldn't want it more.

my staple outfit; what i wear when i feel like i have nothing to wear: white tee, denim something, flats, semi-waist cinched belt, random necklaces, neck scarf and one of my two quilted bags.
what do you think? if you have stylemob, i'm hippiejunk and this outfit is up. go vote!

luuuurrrvve, kate :)


Ana said...

i like the scarf like that altho it might have been better with different pants. but then again its lazy days watching good network

ok this may sound stupid but is it easy to tie your scarf like that around your


Ana said...

oh btw i dont know where to to get fire engine red lipstick but i use a great red tint.

LML said...

love the outfit!
and the red lipstick i use is covergirl incredifull lipcolor in maximun red - stays on forever!

alexgirl said...

Love it. And the scarf is too cute.

Kat said...

Your outfit is cool, I'd defo wear it:-)loving the scarf

Emma said...

I'm going to link you if that's all right.

Elle said...

like it but agree with ana different bottoms.

donna AND navaz said...

I like the scarf. Nice blog!!


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